Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for the small hiccup in posting, but that's because a girl celebrated her birthday! I just turned 20 last Friday, and have been celebrating ever since. I know 20 is one of those insignificant but still monumental birthdays- already 18 so you've been technically an adult but not yet 21 so you can't legally go grab some Prosecco - but this birthday is huge for me! Growing up with such severe mental health issues, I genuinely never believed I would make it to 20. I was so ingrained with self hatred and suicidal idealizations that I never thought of a plan for adulthood because I was just trying to make it day by day. Here I am though, mama I made it! I'm so proud of the person I have become and the person I am becoming and 20 feels so good. To celebrate, here's a list of 20 things I learned by the age of 20.
  1.  It's perfectly okay to prioritize your needs before others. At the end of the day when you fall asleep, you need to be 100% happy with the choices you made for yourself.
  2.  Not all people that enter your life are permanent. Some are here to teach you lessons, and that is okay. Embrace those people and move on when the time comes with no hostility.
  3.  Taking medication for mental health struggles is okay. You wouldn't shame someone with diabetes for using their insulin, so why judge yourself for taking medicine that helps you?
  4.  Food is never the enemy. 
  5.  Not every boy or girl you fall in love with is "the one". Some will break your heart, but don't let the heartbreak define you.
  6.  Green hair can work for some people, but you might look like you're dressing up as a Dime Bag for Halloween
  7. Some people just aren't meant for bangs, I don't need to make myself look like Dora every  months to prove otherwise. 
  8.  You don't have to give your heart to every cute boy at a party. Sometimes its okay to just kiss and forget their name the next day. Samantha Jones would encourage it! 
  9.  Never judge a book by the cover, that awkward girl wearing camo could end up being the greatest friend you ever had. 
  10.  You can never have too many party dresses.
  11.  Life is too short to change yourself to fit the masses. You're much happier once you decide to live in your own truth. 
  12.  There's no such thing as being too young to care about skincare! 
  13.  There are so many boys in the world... like tons... so stop crying over the shitty boys in your town. 
  14. Spoiling yourself is so important. Treat yourself like you would your own significant other. Buy yourself flowers, get those shoes.  
  15. Forgive yourself for wearing gauchos in the past. Sadly, we all had a couple pairs. No matter how tragic they were, we all wore them..  
  16. There are an abundant amount of ways to express your emotions without hurting yourself. There is power in finding the way that works best for you.  
  17.  You're the only person that knows what's going on with your mental health fully, so never be afraid to advocate for yourself. 
  18. Time is too short to make excuses for why you're not doing things that put a smile on your face. Try to fill your free time with your passions, and if you can turn those passions into a career. 
  19.  It's okay for your past to bring up feelings of sadness and hurt, but it's not okay to allow that past trauma to paralyze you. Forgiveness leads to healing, healing leads to growth.
  20. There is nothing wrong with not being okay. 


  1. i really like "Green hair can work for some people, bu= you might look like you're dressing up as a Dime Bag for Halloween"

  2. Aw I loved reading this, and that's so amazing how strong you have become in spite of the things you've gone through! You go girl!

  3. It's amazing that you've learned these lessons by the time you're only 20. It took me much longer :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the marvelous info. It is an excellent article which helps me a lot. I expect we will get this type of informative article more and more.

  5. Great article and I appreciate the courage to openly discuss mental health issues.


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