Ever since I was in middle school, I was obsessed with making collages of different things I loved and wanted. Who knew if I put more intention behind these collages, I could've actually been using the Law of Attraction and aiding the universe in bringing me those said things. I'm talking about making vision boards! Vision boards are collections of images and items that represent your dreams and aspirations. Creating vision boards are incredibly helpful in the LOA as they allow you to easily begin visualizing what it is you're trying to manifest and send those energies out into the universe to be picked up.

No worries though, it no longer has to be the process of cutting up copies of Cosmo and Forbes in the middle of your bedroom floor and realizing every glue stick you own is dried up - although come on, it's half the fun. Now everything you need to create a vision board is in the palm of your hand and already downloaded. Using your phone to create vision boards is so easy and efficient, and has an abundant amount of images and quotes that you may better relate to. 

Here's 3 ways you can create a vision board on your phone and start manifesting now!

  pinterest - Pinterest is my absolute favorite way to create vision boards on my phone and ultimately manifest! I recommend creating a secret board and sticking with a theme of 2-3 things you are focusing on manifesting in your life. While the universe is always listening and receptive of your thoughts and what you are attracting, not having a clear focus or trying to focus on too many things at once can cause blockages. Have a clear image of the things or ideas you're trying to cultivate at the moment, and pin images or articles that align with them. The pins themselves don't have to be extremely specific, as long as you know what they mean to you.  Look over the board daily and always add new pins to it. Consistently looking at these images will cause you to think about these things more, and in turn telling the universe that is where your mind is at and you are ready to receive it!

  canva/picsart/pretty much any collage app - I recommended those 2 apps just because I personally find them to be the most user friendly and offer a wide variety of templates, but any collage app will suffice! Like with your new pinterest board, have a central theme with your collage. I always find it fun to make my collage a little bit aesthetically pleasing (don't worry, I rolled my eyes at myself too) by editing the photos or having photos that have similar color schemes or themes, definitely optional though! As long as the photos represent what you're trying to attract, make it look however you want. Making that collage your phone background will allow it to be something you're constantly looking at without even realizing, and sending your brain little subliminals. 

 “my vision board” app - This is a new technique I have been using so I would love to hear your thoughts on this one. The My Vision Board app makes creating a digital vision the simplest it could ever be! This app has s template with different categories for your life listed out such as goals for relationships, finances, health etc. You’re able to add a photo for each category and add a to-do date if wanted so you can write out when you want to manifest these certain things in your life. The app also comes with a daily affirmation you can say to yourself! You don’t get as much creativity as you would making a collage on Canva but it’s good for someone that wants a more organized look.



  1. Love this! When I was a teenager all my notebooks had collages on it. Pinterest is by far my fav!

  2. I've actually never created a vision board (I'm not sure if my Pinterest boards count) but I love the idea! I would try out the my vision board app first to see if how I like it.


  3. I love your images!!! This is a very detailed post. Love it

  4. Love this post, so helpful. I had no idea Canva had an app?!

  5. I love using Pinterest for information - my parents now use it as well, even my 10 year old sister used it with my mum when she had her bedroom re-decorated!

    Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  6. Love this!! I've been looking to make one, and on my phone would be so easy. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I adore Pinterest SO much for things like this! There is just something so nice about grabbing a cup of tea and have a peak at beautiful stuff on there x

    Claire |

  8. Thank you for sharing! I use 2/3 of the apps you mentioned, my favourite is Pinterest. I have public boards but my private ones serve as my vision boards and I am always adding to them.

  9. I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award 2017. I nominated you! Click here to see more 🙂

  10. I've actually never created a vision board (I'm not sure if my Pinterest boards count) but I love the idea! I would try out the my vision board app first to see if how I like it.


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