Who else has a fall reading list? A new habit that I am trying to create is reading regularly and consistently. When I was younger, I would always be reading a new book and would absorb the information like a sponge! Now that life is busier and hectic, I stopped making reading part of my routine and frequently find myself not finishing the books I pick up. In an effort to start reading, I picked 5 books to read this autumn. I’m so excited about all the books I chose for my fall reading list! Right now I am extremely interested in all things self improvement, so you’ll see a common theme among all the books I chose. If you read any of these books I’ve listed, please share your feedback! I’d love to see how they’ve impacted you.


I’ve actually already started reading this book and wow – it is already changing my perspective on life. The Power of Now is a spiritual “self-help” book that teaches you to find inner peace by staying the Now. Eckhart Tolle teaches the importance of using our minds consciously and separating ourselves from our egoic mind.  When we consciously use our mind, we can experience pure joy right in our present moment. I am only halfway through but the lessons taught in this book have definitely touched me and I would love for you all to soak up all the teachings in this book as well.


I’ve actually read this book before, but I can honestly say I didn’t take the time to fully absorb all the information given the first go around. Now that I’m moved out and in a space that is relatively all my own, I think it is the perfect time to revisit this book. In this book, Marie Kondō teaches her effective and simple way of decluttering your space and life – the KonMari method. When I first purchased this, I thought it was silly that there was an entire book dedicated to how to get organized – but it really goes deeper than that. This book allows you to design a space that you love and filled with things you love and serve purpose. I’m excited to reread this and implement all the tips into my space!


Honestly, Amazon is the main reason this is on my reading list. This book has been popping up in my recommendations for a while and I finally decided to take this as sign that it’s something that would bring me value. The Universe Has Your Back is a self improvement book that teaches you to release blockages that are stopping you from living your best life. The reviews all seem to have helped readers conquer anxiety and feel more confident, which is something I hope to gain from reading this! I read a lot of books similar to this one, and I think from just by the style of the author alone you can gain something new from each one. I can’t wait to see what I gain after reading this, I’ll definitely update you with a review either in a blog post or on my Twitter.


I’ve read Jen Sincero’s original book You Are a Badass a few years ago and it really influenced my thinking and life for the better. I’m really excited how this book while change my perspective on finances! One of my good friends has been sending me snippets of pages that have inspired her and brought her value. Just from those snippets alone I have learned a lot. I’m someone that struggles with my own finances, no matter how much I have, and my relationship surrounding money. Money, just like everything else, is energy. My intention for this book is to gain wisdom to have a better relationship and better attract money.


Following the theme of having a better relationship with money, Rich Dad, Poor Dad seemed like an essential to read. I’m guessing this book has something to teach, as it’s the #1 personal finance book of all time! I was never taught financial literacy at home. I went into adulthood lacking knowledge, leading to a lot of mistakes and false beliefs regarding money. This book is supposed to be a huge resource for those wanting to become more confident and informed regarding finances and how to make money work for you.

Right now I’m at a very strange period in terms of my finances. I know the Universe is abundant and money is always flowing. I just need to learn better skills for long term financial success. Will this book transform my life and stop my late night online shopping addiction? Stay tuned!

What is on your fall reading list? Which out of these books would you be most likely to read? Let me know in the comments below.

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September 21, 2018