I’m sure you’ve been seeing almost everyone talking about the Law of Attraction lately! While it may seem like some new, cool “spiritual” trend, it’s been around since the beginning of time and is one of the 12 universal laws (Renee Amberg explain these here). The Law of Attraction is basically the belief that our thoughts and behaviors create our realities. Everything has energy, and the energy that you are emitting attracts things of the same energy – aka like attracts like. So if you are focusing on things that are low vibrational, the Universe will pick up on that and give you things with similar energy – even if you don’t want them. Our energies truly can create our experiences. When we learn to focus on thoughts that are positive and in tune with the same frequency of energy of what you’re manifesting, you can create your dream world


I was introduced to the Law of Attraction for the first time when I was in a mental hospital, actually. A depressive state began to control my entire life. Sick of suffering, I checked myself in so I could regain control. They had a small little library of books you were able to read while you were there, and most of the books sucked but I was drawn to one in particular – Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks. Reading this honestly changed my life, and gave me the push to start my journey of radical self improvement. This book explains how we are all energy and our realities are formed by mirroring the energy we give out to the Universe. It goes on to explain how the only barrier between us and living our dream lives is the mindsets we’re holding.

Since then, I’ve been such an avid believer of the Law of Attraction and do different things daily to make it work for me in my every day life. I’m not going to say I have it 100% mastered, but I’ve noticed a significant change in the direction of my life since learning to use this to my advantage.


There’s so many different ways to use the Law of Attraction in your life and learn to change your energy/vibration! Journaling was my absolute favorite tool to use in the beginning of me learning and utilizing the Law of Attraction. I found it so relaxing to take a time out and just focus on my goals and desires, really dive deep in thought about the life I aspire to live in extreme detail. Grab your favorite notebook (this one is specific for the LOA! and pen and write out exactly what you are trying to manifest. Focus in on the emotions you will feel when you receive this, the different ways your life will improve, and what your day to day would look like. Be as detailed as you can. Express gratitude for this manifesting in your life. A huge tip for using journaling for the Law of Attraction is to write in present tense. Writing in present tense not only allows you to better feel the emotions of this manifestaion when writing, but the Universe will pick up on the energy of the writing and your emotions which will cause you to manifest faster and clearer!

Changing your actual behaviors and lifestyle to match what you are manifesting is a perfect way to manifest. Start living the life of your future dreams right now, in this present moment. Are you trying to become someone that is healthier or is losing weight? Begin following an exercise plan suited to your needs. Is your ideal self a CEO? Look up a standard CEO daily routine and start living that life. Force your want to become your reality, the Universe will have no choice to listen.

There are more in depth techniques you can use to manifest. I’ll be diving deeper into those and then some in an upcoming series called Manifestation Masters. Keep an eye out!


Expressing gratitude for all that you have and are currently  receiving is the most important key for mastering the Law of Attraction. Taking a moment to step back and appreciate all you have while thanking the Universe for giving it to you raises your vibration tremendously. A new habit I’ve been trying to incorporate into my life is writing down 5 things I am grateful for every morning and night. Sometimes these are things specific to my day, other times it is broad things that make me happy. No matter what ends up on my gratitude list I end up feeling so blessed.

I also try to give thanks for all the things that I want to manifest and about to receive. Giving thanks as if you’ve already received them confirms with the Universe that it is already yours. Gratitude ultimately acknowledges the fact that the reality you want already exists, and was given without you having to beg the Universe. Water the the things you have and the life you live with love to have more blessings blossom.


Everything happens with reason at the perfect time. Don’t become frustrated if you don’t see instantaneous results, sweet pea! The Universe is always working with you, so trust that the LOA is in effect. Everything is energy, and energy can not be destroyed or created – only transferred. This means everything you want already exists, you just have to match your energy to it.

Be open to new and creative ways your manifestation may occur in your life. Focus on what you’re trying to receive without giving too much attention to how you will receive it. The Universe really does work in mysterious ways.

If after a while you still don’t see what you want manifesting in your life, revisit what that is. Even though your heart may want it, is it something that is serving you and your soul? Will this actually lead to lasting happiness and fulfillment? Could this be something you outgrew? If you’re not a vibrational match with something you’re simply not a match.


Books: Ask and It Is Given, The Law of Attraction - The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham, The Secret
LOA Journals/Planners: Law of Attraction Daily Planner, The Simple Elephant Planner
Youtubers: Leeor Alexandra, Renee Amberg, Eternal Joy (Abraham Hicks Teachings)

Reading Ask and It Is Given was just the beginning when it came to me learning about the LOA! Youtube is an amazing resource for The Law of Attraction. I also really love other books on Abraham Hicks teachings. There are so many different videos and readings out their with a voice that best reaches you!

Still confused on the Law of Attraction or are you ready to start manifesting? Let me know how you feel about the Law of Attraction in the comments below.

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