I found a simple tool that has changed my life and I needed to share – Affirmations! Lately I’ve been on the journey of completely redesigning my life in all aspects, which has lead to countless YouTube videos/books/blog posts/podcasts etc about self growth/love and the Law of Attraction. While diving deeper and deeper into both topics, the same tool kept being mentioned. Affirmations are positive, reinforcing statements that can help rewire your brain and thinking patterns when said to yourself repeatedly and regularly.


If you believe thoughts become things, wouldn’t that hold true for the comments we make about ourselves or our current life situations? I wrote about limiting beliefs that we hold and how we can rid ourselves of them, but I wanted to dive deeper into how life changing the use of affirmations can be.

Say "I am a creative, intelligent soul that is capable of anything" to yourself out loud.
Now say it three more times.

Doesn’t that feel amazing? A sudden urge of confidence washes over you after doing something so simple! Saying positive statements to yourself helps create a stronger sense of self worth, which then makes you more likely to improve your own well-being. Our minds are sponges, and for so long they have been absorbing all of our negative self talk and false beliefs we set about our realities. When we replace that self talk with positivity and love, our minds will begin to rewire itself and overtime our thoughts and behaviors will change to align with those affirmations!



Pay attention to the the kind of things you say to yourself everyday, or the negative identities you give yourself. Do you tell yourself you’re lazy or that you won’t be successful at things you’re attempting to do? When you think of your finances, do you think of yourself as someone that is always lacking and will never be financially abundant? When you look at yourself in the mirror are you quick to narrow in on your “flaws”?  Pinpoint the times you’ve had these thought processes, forgive yourself, and lets replace them with a new affirmation.

Affirmations are definitely best used when wanting to create a better version of yourself. Nobody wants to be regarded as lazy, unsuccessful,  unattractive etc. Our idealized version of ourselves I think would all be someone we would find successful, fulfilled, happy, abundant, and beautiful all around. Affirmations allows us to rewire our brain into not only thinking as the person we would like to be, but living that life as well.

If you’re someone that thinks of yourself as someone that is lazy, everyday look in the mirror and say “I am determined and excited to accomplish my daily goals” or “I am extremely motivated and ready to take on the day.”
If you often stress about your finances or crave financial abundance, say “Money flows into my life easily and regularly. I am a money magnet.”
If you feel insecure about yourself, say “I am beautiful and that should be celebrated.”

Focus on a few qualities that you are trying to disassociate from. Be specific and then write down affirmations that are the complete opposite. Focus in on the person you want to be and think about the qualities you’d have. Write out affirmations that align with the dream you. Say these to yourself every morning, and especially in moments when your thoughts begin to “slip”.

Make sure to say affirmations in the present tense! That will help you believe that these things are already true and your reality! Over time, your thoughts will naturally arise as those on the same vibration as the affirmations! The same way that you thought low vibrational and negative thoughts without effort, these new empowering beliefs will be absorbed and recycled the same way!


Remember how we said thoughts become things? The use of affirmations allow you to use that to your advantage! All of our thoughts have different energies. The Universe responds to what you are giving energy to, not whether you see it as “good” or “bad”. So if you are constantly saying something like you are unsuccessful, the Universe will mirror that in your life. When we become mindful of the effects our thoughts have, replacing them becomes an easy and worthwhile habit.

The Universe is always listening and always paying attention, so be cautious of your thoughts. The Universe is abundant and wants to give you your dream life! Our own mind can cause barriers to stop these blessings and reality shifts. Doing exercises here and there are necessary to make sure we are vibrating at a high frequency. When our thoughts are at the same frequency as what we want, the Universe is able to match it easier.

Think you’re going to be using affirmations more in your life? Or if you already do, what are some of your favorites? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below. Need affirmations straight to you? Follow my Instagram for daily affirmation posts!