Remember yesterdays post when I talked about how self growth can bring periods of loneliness? Well, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I’m not sure why society makes being alone seem like a sad thing we should be ashamed of. During a period of dramatic change, it’s essential to take time to focus on you. Moments in life when we find ourselves in solitude can benefit our souls. This is the time to relearn yourself and enjoy your own company. That may seem simple, but a lot of the times we root our happiness in other people. When we are forced to be alone, we realize we don’t know ourselves as well as we thought we did. Alone time doesn’t have to be lonely.  


Take time to relearn who you are as an individual. I realized I didn’t know that much of myself, and had to really dig. I had to figure out what were my sole interests – not my family’s, my friends, or significant other. What brings ME joy? What makes ME happy? We can’t find our identity in other people. I had to learn all about my quirks. I relearned my strengths, my weaknesses. While being alone, I ended up discovering the types of people I need in my life. There’s a sense of wholeness that comes over you when you reconnect with your soul. A lot of this self discovery can come from journaling, meditation, and more. I find what really helps is just doing things with yourself and for yourself.


I’d be lying if I said that I embraced being alone with open arms. I isolated myself in the beginning. That led to me falling into a deep depression. I felt so sorry for myself because everyone else was out having fun with friends. Doesn’t that sound foolish? I realized it was, so forced myself to have fun. Honestly anything you can do with friends, you can do by yourself. Don’t wait on the company of others to do things you want to do. Treat yourself to lunch, go on a nice walk, go see your favorite artist live. When I started doing things by myself, I started to learn so much about myself. I became more confident and really fell deep in love with myself. Emerge yourself deep in the things you love and you will be happy no matter who is around.


It’s okay to feel lonely. It’s okay to feel discouraged. It may feel like you are completely alone, but I promise you are not. There is always someone to call, someone to text – and I’m always right here. The periods of being alone can definitely be rough, but embrace all emotions. Accept every feeling that comes to you. Listen to your soul and nurture it as fit. Don’t allow yourself to let a small period of being alone turn into long term isolation. This is just preparation for connecting with the world and others in a more genuine way. This is not forever, nothing is.

October 3, 2018
October 13, 2018


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    Cathy Ulrickson

    October 8, 2018

    Awesome blog and right up my alley. I live alone and have completely adapted and love it. Sometimes I feel alone, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Loved this post!