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I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner! If I were 9 years old, I would probably be frantically going through the Toys”r”Us mega Holiday sales book writing out my Christmas wish-list. Now, what I really want this holiday season is meaningful time spent with family and friends. But come on, I’d be lying if there weren’t a few little things I’d like Santa to leave me.

So Santa, if you’re reading this – I’ve been a very good girl this year. Here’s some things you can leave under the tree for me ♡

Christmas Wishlist




If anyone is wondering, I wear a size GA in festival tickets! After experiencing my first music festival in August, I’ve had such a craving for more! I’m planning on attending Hijinx festival a couple days after Christmas, and I’m so excited! Electric Forest is on the top of my list for festivals I must go to in 2019. This may be a long shot, but I’d love for someone to give the gift of music and good vibes


As I’m trying to grow my blog and brand, I want to create high quality content for my posts & social media. Plus, who doesn’t want the perfect selfie? This is where a ring light comes into play! All of my favorite Youtubers and bloggers have always swore by the classic Diva Ring Light. The quality of your pictures after using one speaks for itself! It is definitely a little pricey, but if you’re serious about photography or simply a good selfie, its a great investment. Another great ring that is a little cheaper is the Prismatic 14″ Ring Light. If either isn’t left under my tree, I’m definitely treating myself.


Shopping small is a great way to give a unique gift while also supporting someones dream! Twitter has such an amazing community of artists that I am obsessed with. Everyone’s work is so unique and lovely, but I have definitely been obsessed with @BeccaBoomm who runs Sunflower Souls. She’s such a positive beam of light and you can tell the amount of love and effort she puts into every piece!  I also just stumbled upon @heytheremissmic who runs Wicked Wire Crafts. Her work is absolutely breath taking. I would be filled with so much love if I were to receive any beautiful piece.


I’ve been doing a lot of research about all the different essential oils and their benefits lately. I know that this is something I definitely want to start incorporating into my life. I see essential oils and diffusers at basically every store I go to, but I haven’t had the courage to actually treat myself with it. I’m not sure why? I’ve had the URPOWER Diffuser in my Amazon Wishlist for a while now. It’s so cheap, cute, and the reviews are amazing!


My mother actually got me this Instax Mini as a Christmas present when I was high school, straight from my Amazon Christmas wishlist! I absolutely loved it. The photo quality is quite better than you would imagine and it captures all of lifes beautiful moments amazingly. Sadly, it was sitting on my shelf for a while so I decided to sell it. Life is full of so many adventures now, and I always find myself regretting letting go of this camera! I could’ve captured so many things in a unique way. Hopefully I will have another one in my hands soon.

I’m so curious to see waht you’re wanting this holiday season! Let me know in the comments below ♡

December 1, 2018